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the tonic for life

Concentrated soluble bioavailable magnesium

with 100% Australian lemon juice

– no added sugar

– no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours

– designed to add to your drinking water

 Delivered to your door.




Magnesium absorption is best when the magnesium is soluble and bioavailable and consumed in water

Effective absorption of magnesium is determined by the form of magnesium and the way it is consumed. The National Academy of Sciences (USA) found that people consuming magnesium in drinking water had a lower death rate from natural causes relative to people not consuming magnesium in drinking water.


The magnesium in Magna Aqua is pre-dissolved, soluble and bioavailable, and consumed by adding it to drinking water, which makes it the best magnesium product available on the market.

Easy To Consume

When diluted, Magna Aqua tastes like water with a squeeze of fresh lemon. The taste is subtle and refreshing.

During Activity

Magna Aqua is an ideal sports drink for athletes and active people requiring maximum energy. Magna Aqua quickly replaces the magnesium and hydration that is known to be lost from the body during high activity.

Throughout the day

Magnesium is essential for cell health and energy production. By consuming Magna Aqua throughout the day, the body stays hydrated and has a readily available source of magnesium.

Made by the

Healthy Cordial Company.

Magna Aqua emerged from extensive research into how to maintain and maximise body cell and organ function, therefore possibly diminishing disease and achieving longevity of life. Indeed, many domestic animals consuming magnesium in natural spring water, passaging through volcanic basalt, have extraordinary long lives.

Clinical trial results

Magnesium deficiency and US Government Publication for Health Professionals

Increase in lifespan in humans and domestic animals

Increased lifespan and the environment

Magnesium: Energy production in mitochondria and vital magnesium functions endorsed by governments

Magnesium is necessary for
Concentration of Magnesium

Each 20ml of Magna Aqua concentrate is equivalent to 100mg elemental magnesium.

= $1.00 per litre when diluted for consumption

When diluting 20ml of Magna Aqua concentrate to 1 litre of drinking water, one pack of Magna Aqua makes 75 litres of soluble bioavailable magnesium.

And no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours

Magna Aqua is processed using cold pressed technology to avoid the use of sugars and artificial preservatives and additives.

Delivered direct to your door

Magna Aqua ships Australia wide by Australia Post.

FREE SHIPPING until end March.